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Argus Spectrum International Opens Manufacturing Center in Finland

Argus Spectrum International and the Town of Savonlinna (Finland) have signed a Treaty of Cooperation for the organization of production in Savonlinna. Argus Spectrum International will produce wireless fire detection, notification and localization systems for the International market. This prestigious event was attended by the Minister of Finance of Finland Petteri Orpo, Deputy of the Parliament of Finland Kaj Turunen, Mayor of Savonlinna Janne Laine and the Trade Representative of Russian Federation in Finland Sergey Sinelnikov.

The company and the Town of Savonlinna have agreed on cooperation for the organization and development of production in Savonlinna. Argus Spectrum International will begin production and undertake European certification in 2019. The company will be producing systems for the evacuation of people with disabilities, in addition to its comprehensive and market leading product range. Argus Spectrum International and the Town of Savonlinna will develop and implement new areas of expertise and improving skills for employees to enable them to meet the new requirements of this high-tech industry. Mayor of Savonlinna Janne Laine said that Savonlinna has all the resources required for this successful business development. Establishing the new factory in Finland will enable Argus Spectrum International to expand its International presence.

Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo and Deputy of Parlament Kaj Turunen endorsed the Treaty.

Petteri Orpo participated in the press conference and expressed his support to the decision made by the Town of Savonlinna and Argus Spectrum International. Kaj Turunen signed the Treaty together with Mayor Janne Laine. The authorities confirmed that the opening of the manufacturing center in Savonlinna will contribute to the strengthening of the economic relationships between the two countries. The Trade Representative of Russia in Finland Sergey Sinelnikov stated that the goal of economic and trade partnerships between Russian Federation and Finland is to put Finland first among Russian trading partners.

Wireless fire detection technologies is a global trend.

General Director of Argus Spectrum International Sergey Levchuk stressed the importance of the development and distribution of wireless fire alarm technologies. ‘Wireless fire systems provide the highest level of integrity and protection. Cables of traditional wired systems can be destroyed at the very outbreak of fire, while wireless systems continue to work and transmit their signal. Argus Spectrum will continue to develop and pioneer new technologies in the field of wireless fire and security detection for the global market. Our mission is to increase the adoption of wireless technology with the aim of saving life and property’, stated Sergey Levchuk.