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Argus Spectrum International and Hochiki Europe present Ekho – the solution for COVID-hospitals

Argus Spectrum International, a market-leading manufacturer of wireless fire detection technology, and Hochiki Europe, a world-renowned life safety manufacturer are pleased to announce their partnership and the launch of the ‘Ekho’ hybrid wireless fire detection and alarm system for COVID-hospitals. 

Ekho is a wireless-based family of products that can be seamlessly and fully integrated into Hochiki’s ESP protocol. Ekho is the next generation of hybrid wireless fire detection and outperforms competitive systems in a number of ways.Ekho is a highly practical solution for medical facilities, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Ekho provides a simple design and commissioning process, minimising installation time, and reducing the number of visits to the project site. 

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Product. Advanced technical specifications 

  1. Self-configuring mesh network – Automatically adapting to changing operating conditions: all devices automatically choose a parent expander depending on the quality of connection. Using the latest in radio networking technology, the Ekho hybrid wireless system provides a robust ‘always on’ network of devices which can automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions – offering installers an unparalleled level of reliability. 
  2.  Communication range – 1200 meters in an open air. 
  3. Capacity – up to 126 wireless expanders and devices per Translator module (with a maximum of 10 Translators per loop, dependent on local standards). 
  4. Battery life – up to 10 years. 
  5. Wide range of devices - wireless sensor types, as well as I/O units, a sounder, a sensor/voice-sounder/VAD, and a manual call point. 

Standards. Compliance with EN54 and RED 

The Ekho product range is certified to European EN54 standards by BRE Global and accredited with the LPCB mark. BRE Global certification confirms the highest levels of performance and reliability for Ekho wireless products! In record time – 1 year only - 13 Ekho products received approval to the mandatory standards required in the European fire detection sector. 

Moreover, the Ekho system is one of the first wireless fire detection system to receive the radio equipment directive (RED) certification. 

Case studies. Solution for the healthcare 

Ekho’s sophisticated and versatile hybrid wireless technology provides a cost-effective and reliable fire detection solution to a range of challenging applications and problem sites. 

1. Fast and easy design configuration 

Once you have conducted a site survey, you can design a hybrid wireless system from the comfort of your desk, without having to revisit the site. All you need is access to the floor plans and your laptop running the free Ekho Configurator software. All of the wireless devices can be easily activated and paired with the translators before installation, saving time on site. This is due to the self-configuring nature of the Ekho system’s mesh network of expanders. 

2. Installation: 1,000 sq.m in 1 day by 2 workers! 

An Ekho hybrid wireless system requires minimal electrical skill or the installation of fire-resistant cables. Two unskilled workers can install a system covering 1000 sq.m in just one day. 

When minimum time on site (hospitals) or minimum disruption (care homes) are key factors for the project, Ekho is the best solution. This statement is confirmed by 17 new hospitals built by the Russian Government in the fight against COVID-19 in 60 days. More than 40,000 wireless devices of Ekho system technology were installed and commissioned in the new medical centers with a total area of 200 thousand sq.m. 

Ekho takes hybrid wireless fire detection to new levels of reliability, flexibility, and performance. Ekho technology is proven in over 150,000 projects worldwide. Thanks to the close collaboration with the Hochiki team and Argus Spectrum International we are very proud to bring a new fire detection product to the global market. 

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