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Finnish Students Receive Training in Argus Spectrum International Factory in Saint Petersburg

The first group of students from Finland received training in Argus Spectrum International manufacturing centre in Saint Petersburg. The training was prepared through a joint cooperation agreement between the company and vocational college SAMIedu of Savonlinna, Finland. The graduates will be employed in the new Argus Spectrum International manufacturing centre in Savonlinna.

According to the agreement, the vocational college and Argus Spectrum International combine their forces to prepare highly-qualified specialists in electrical engineering and automation. The joint work of SAMIedu and Argus Spectrum International is carried out through the Treaty of Cooperation between the Town of Savonlinna and the company. During their internship at the factory, the students have become skilled in the principles of lean manufacturing, learnt the quality management system and the 25-year history of the organization.

SAMIedu is an upper secondary vocational education college in the town of Savonlinna, known as a high-quality educational institute, an excellent coordinator and a partner in pedagogical development projects. SAMIedu provides education and training in the following sectors: technology and forestry, welfare, business and administration, services. Over all the studying takes place in workplaces and real production environments. 

The combined training courses of Argus Spectrum International and SAMIedu are designed for those who are receiving basic vocational educational and for those who intend to upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills. The support in the training course preparation is provided by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the company’s partner in specialists’ preparation. 

We recently announced that Argus Spectrum International opened a new manufacturing center in Savonlinna where wireless fire detection, notification and localization systems will be produced for the International market. Establishing the new factory in Finland will enable Argus Spectrum International to expand its International presence. 

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