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Streletz-PRO has been certified in Europe

Streletz-PRO is the first and only wireless fire detection system in the Russian Federation to gain European certification. In December 2019 international certification body IMQ successfully completed the approval programme and issued EN 54 product certificates to Argus Spectrum International.

Gaining IMQ approval was an important milestone in Argus Spectrum International’s development on the Global market. IMQ is a leading certification body with global operations incorporating a network of more than 200 laboratories fully equipped to undertake all aspects of product certification. 

The certification process started in September 2018 involving rigorous product testing as well as testing and auditing of product lines. We are proud to confirm that Argus Spectrum International completed all certification stages without incurring any non-conformities. Streletz-PRO wireless products are designed, manufactured and certified to fully meet the requirements of EN 54 standards! 

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