Hospital of Medical academy, St.Petersburg
Описание изображения
About the project
Hospital of Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg
Project size
Summary square – 140,000 m2. 20,000 detectors
Market sector
Medical, educational and scientific institution
System type
Hybrid wireless and wired

Project description
The multidisciplinary clinic of the Medical Academy represents a modern complex and consists of 7 buildings forming a single whole. The construction of the highest-tech hospital in Saint Petersburg took 2.5 years, with a total constructed area of 140,000 m2. This is one of the biggest medical institutions in Russia. The object includes clinical and diagnostic blocks with 800 beds, radionuclide Diagnostic block of the Center, educational and scientific blocks. The clinic required a fire detection and security alarm system.

Reasons for wireless use
The specificity of the hospital complex implies difficult access to individual rooms (surgery, resuscitation, etc.) and the need to maintain clean rooms.
Due to wireless technology, the system was installed in a short time. Some parts of the system were pre-programmed and configured before they were installed in place for final testing and commissioning.
In addition, the wireless system allowed to use wearable bracelets in the system for patients’ protection. Bracelets provide personal notification (vibration, sound, text) in case of fire alarms and perform the functions of a panic button. A press of the panic button by the user enables them to send a signal to medical personnel. Wearable devices also automatically transmit alert to nurse's post in case of person's loss of consciousness (built-in motion sensor).