Solutions for buildings / Mayak rescue beacon
Mayak Rescue Beacon
  • Monitoring of the status of rescue workers in emergency situations
  • Control of the air pressure in a breathing apparatus
  • Emergency notification of rescue workers
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Mayak Beacon secured

to rescue workers belt

Mayak Beacon secured

to breathing apparatus strap


Mayak Rescue Beacon

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Main features of Mayak Rescue Beacon

Localization of rescue worker in an emergency

1. Wireless signal to the mobile security center

The Mayak Beacon sends a wireless emergency signal with its identification number to the mobile and / or central control station to enable the rescue leader to react with immediate emergency actions to the rescue worker.

2. Siren + White Noise

The Mayak Beacon alternates between two sound signals:
  • a powerful siren (100 dB) which can be heard from 100 m away
  • White Noise to locate a person in zero visibility (“White noise” technology was designed specifically for evacuation of naval ships)

3. High intencity flashing lights

The Mayak Beacon is equipped with two high intensisty LED’s which are strategically positioned at different angles to locate the rescue worker from a 10-meter distance in a thick smoke.

4. Wireless communication with control station

The Mayak Beacon can send an emergency signal with its location to the control station. The location can be clearly identified on the floor plan to provide detailed coordination by the rescue team.
This system feature is only available if the city or the building has an operating Streletz-Monitoring system for emergency monitoring and mass notification.

Main features of Mayak Rescue Beacon

Control of the air pressure

The Mayak Beacon continuously samples the air pressure level in the SCBA cylinder and sends data to the mobile control station. The system evaluates and informs the rescuer team the pressure level in bar units and the remaining amount of air in minutes.

Main features of Mayak Rescue Beacon

Emergency notification

The rescue leader can inform all of the rescue workers about an immediate evacuation from a dangerous area. This is actioned by pressing the «EVERYONE OUT!» button on the mobile station after which the signal will be automatically delivered to each of the rescue workers.