Streletz-PRO premiers on the global stage

On the 20th-22nd of January Argus Spectrum International participated in the Intersec Dubai Exhibition 2019, one of the world’s leading trade fairs dedicated to Fire, Security and Safety technology. 

The annual exhibition attracts a large number of companies presenting products and innovations from all over the world. This year Intersec hosted 1212 companies from 54 countries with more than 36000 registered visitors. 

Argus Spectrum International presented its innovative wireless and wired fire detection and security system Streletz-PRO. The system incorporates technology with the ability to evacuate people with disabilities and firefighters from high rise towers and challenging building structures. 

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Streletz-PRO will be presented at Intersec Dubai 2019

Between the 20th and the 22nd of January 2019 Argus Spectrum International will take part in the world’s premier trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection - Intersec Dubai (UAE). 

The Intersec Dubai Exhibition takes place once a year in Dubai and shows a unique product offer in the areas of protection and security. It is a successful communication platform which attracts more than 32,000 visitors from all over the world. 

Argus Spectrum International as being one of the world’s leading security and fire safety manufacturers has installed more than 150,000 wireless systems and sold 7,000,000 wireless devices all over the world so far. Expanding its presence in the global market of security and safety Argus Spectrum International will present its flagship – Streletz-PRO at the Intersec Dubai exhibition 2019.

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Streletz-PRO: Fire safety for people with disabilities

There are more than 1 billion people with disabilities in the world. In case of an emergency disabled people are the most vulnerable citizens. How can we alert people with visual and hearing disabilities to a fire? How can we indicate a safe exit route and control their location from the security center? How can we arrange a bi-directional communication with disabled people so that they can signal for help if needed or they can get the instructions for evacuation from the security center? 

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Argus Spectrum International

Argus Spectrum International is pleased to announce the opening of its new International office in Savonlinna Finland. The company will be focused on developing its successful market-leading wireless technology throughout Europe and the International markets. 

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