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Manufacturing for COVID-19 Hospitals

In the fight against COVID-19 the Russian Government has ordered the fast track construction of new hospitals to be built in 16 regions of the country. It is mandatory for these buildings to be equipped with reliable and proven fire detection systems. Argus Spectrum has been chosen and is working together with the authorities to install advanced wireless fire detection throughout the hospitals and in record time. In this unprecedented period the St Petersburg factory and engineers are operational and working around the clock in order to deliver and install the necessary equipment on time. 

CEO Mikhail Levchuk states that all non-production departments of the company are self isolating and currently working from home. With the modern cloud ERP-system we employ it was not difficult to organize home working for the sales, procurement, marketing and financial departments. At the same time necessary measures have been taken in order to minimize risks for the employees working in the production department. 

Day and night manufacturing 

Today our factory in St Petersburg is working day and night producing equipment for the new COVID-19 hospitals. 120 people work in two 8-hours shifts: from 7am to 4 pm and from 4 pm to 12 am. A further night shift can be added if required. 

“Our productivity depends on two highly important things: our team and our organization process. The team is ready to work in shifts. All of them understand why it is necessary today", states Tatiana Shevtsova, Production Director, "Our factory operates within the lean manufacturing system. We manufacture products ‘just-in-time’ and this turned out to be crucial today.” 

“And, last but not the least, all of us have been brought up in the cities which have statues dedicated to the Heroes of Leningrad, Moscow, Tula, Murmansk… These cities never gave up. Together and each one! That’s why we will not give up too! Never did!” adds Mikhail. 

Risks are minimized 

With the rapid spreading of the COVID-19 virus the company has taken all necessary measures to protect the employees, with working conditions radically re-organised. The production department has been divided in several isolated operating areas with separate entrances / exits and air ventilation systems. The flow of raw materials and products ready to be shipped has also been re-organised. All facilities, equipment, working surfaces are treated and disinfected several times a day. All employees are required to wear masks and gloves and check their body temperature on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer gels are freely available for everyone. Distances between workers is always a minimum of 1,5 - 2 meters. In order to minimize contact between people within the factory additional common areas have been prepared. 

“We fully understand the risks and are doing everything to protect our employees from the spread of this infection. In adopting this culture of responsibility we ask everyone to take care of their own health and people around them”, comments Dmitrii Koshelev, Deputy Production Director. 

COVID-19 is the big challenge for us all – affecting countries, companies and people. It is highly important today for us to adapt, adjust and contribute to the common fight against this epidemic. Argus Spectrum International is proud to be playing its part and contributing to the global challenge. 

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