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PRODUCTION WITHOUT WASTE (無駄 MUDA) - Argus Spectrum was highly recognized by industrialists from Japan

SAINT PETERSBURG – September 18, 2019 – The delegation of top-management of Japanese industrial companies visited Argus Spectrum. The Headquarters of Argus Spectrum was chosen as the only Russian factory to be demonstrated to Japanese industrialists during their visit to Saint Petersburg. The purpose of the visiting was to see the example of a successful high-technological company which operates within the Lean manufacturing system. The organizers of the visit were the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade and the Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg Government. 

‘Just-in-time’ manufacturing according to the principles of Toyota Production System

Argus Spectrum started reorganization of its production management system in accordance with Lean manufacturing principles in 2012. Employees of the company were educated by the specialists of the Toyota Engineering Corporation training center both in Japan and at the factory in St. Petersburg. They also received training at Toyota Motor plant in Japan. As a result, the company managed to increase productivity by 5 times, reduce time and wastage at each stage of the production cycle and improve product quality. In 2016, the head of Toyota Engineering Corporation Katsuhiko Suzuki personally presented the Toyota bronze medal for the production management system to the CEO of Argus Spectrum Sergey Levchuk. Argus Spectrum is the only company in Saint Petersburg to be recognized by and awarded the Toyota Bronze Medal for its production Management System.

- “Today, productivity at Argus Spectrum factory in St. Petersburg delivers 100,000 devices per month. We manufacture products ‘just-in-time’ which means that the production meets customer demand exactly in time, quality and quantity. – stated Executive Director Mikhail Levchuk. – It is a great honor for us that our colleagues from Japan highly commended our production management system. We work very hard to maintain the quality standards of the production. It is because of the combined efforts of each one of our employees that we have managed to achieve this success”.

Members of the delegation from Japan: 

  1. Chairman of the Board of SHIMADZU CORPORATION Akira Nakamoto;
  2. Chairman of the Board of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd Eiji Kakiuchi;
  3. President of KATAOKA CORPORATION Koji Kataoka;
  4. Deputy Director of General Department of Commerce, Labor and Tourism of Kyoto prefecture Government Masanobu Murakami;
  5. CEO of SEIWA ELECTRIC MFG.CO.,LTD. Teruaki Masuyama;
  6. Director of OSAKA GAS CO.LTD in Kyoto and Shiga Region Kazuya Matsuo;
  7. Senior Advisor of SAIJOINX Co., Ltd. Saburo Suzuki;
  8. President of MEIKO SEIKI MFG.CO.,LTD Tadaharu Nakano;
  9. General Manager of NICHICON CORPORATION Shuichiro Ijiro;
  10. Manager of Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division of International Operations Department of SHIMADZU CORPORATION Akira Okamoto;
  11. Senior Officer of GS Yuasa International Ltd. Kazuhiro Fukuoka;
  12. President of NISSIN Manufacturing CO.,LTD Masanori Maeda;
  13. Chairman of NIPPON MECHATECHNO LTD Akihiko Maruyama;
  14. Executive Director of Kyoto Association of Manufacturers Toru Arima;
  15. Director & General Manager of Kyoto Association of Manufacturers Susumu Kanai;
  16. The head of the headquaters of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in St.Petersburg Yuta Ichinose.

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