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STRELETZ-PRO at Intersec-2020

Last week the world’s premier fair trade for Security, Safety & Fire Protection – Intersec-2020 was held in Dubai (UAE). Argus Spectrum attended the exhibition and presented its flagship - innovative wireless fire detection and security system Streletz-PRO

The 22nd edition of the of the world’s leading security, safety, and fire protection trade show welcomed over 1000+ exhibitors from 56 countries and 33,584 industry visitors. The annual exhibition displays the up-to-date technologies and attracts the major companies from all over the world.

This year in addition to technical consultations, live presentations of the unique STRELETZ-PRO system were made daily and every two hours at the stand of Argus Spectrum. All the visitors could learn about the advanced possibilities and special features of the innovative wireless fire detection and security system. 

Meeting between Dubai Civil Defense and the Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection of EMERCOM 

One of the landmark events of the exhibition was the official meeting between the Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defense and the Russian Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. During the meeting the opportunity for cooperation between the two countries in the legal regulation of fire safety were discussed. 

Unique wireless fire system 

Streletz-PRO is an advanced wireless fire detection system that delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability. 

Technical summary: 

  • Self-healing mesh network: all wireless devices automatically choose a parent repeater 
  • Advanced specifications: 10-year battery life; 3 seconds alarm activation delay; 1200 meters communication range between devices; 2 000 wireless devices in the system. 
  • Personal wearable bracelets for positioning and paging. 
  • 'Ariadne’s Thread ™’ wireless directional evacuation: strobe lights, voice and sound alarm. 

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