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Streletz-PRO: Fire Safety for People With Disabilities

There are more than 1 billion people with disabilities in the world. In case of an emergency disabled people are the most vulnerable citizens. How can we alert people with visual and hearing disabilities to a fire? How can we indicate a safe exit route and control their location from the security center? How can we arrange a bi-directional communication with disabled people so that they can signal for help if needed or they can get the instructions for evacuation from the security center? 

Argus Spectrum presents Integrated security system Streletz-PRO for fire safety for people with disabilities, that can provide: 

  1. Emergency notification with personal security bracelets: Vibration, Sound, Text. 
  2. Real-time monitoring of the location of disabled people from the security center. 
  3. Directing to the emergency exit: Audible and Visual signals. 
  4. Bi-directional communication with disabled people via bracelets: Alarm panic button and Paging. 

When entering the hotel, hospital, shopping center or other heavily trafficked buildings people with disabilities receive personal security bracelets in the form of the watch. In case of an emergency the bracelets vibrate, generate sound and display text message from the security center with the instructions. 'Ariadnes Thread ™’ our patented wireless directional evacuation is a part of the Streletz-Pro family of advanced wireless and analogue products. The detectors / annunciators of 'Ariadne's Thread ™ alternately flash the high intensity LED’s and generate white noise to clearly indicate a directional path to the safest evacuation route. Disabled people can transmit a signal for help to the security center by pressing the button on a bracelet if they can not escape on their own and they need assistance. The security personnel control the location of the disabled people and can give directions to the firefighters during evacuation process. 

Streletz-Pro offers a comprehensive and market leading range of fire detection, security, voice alarm and personnel monitoring and notification systems. 

Main features of Streletz-PRO:

  • Self-healing mesh network for all the devices. 
  • 2 000 devices system capacity. 
  • Personal security bracelets for notification and positioning. 
  • Activation time - 3 sec. 
  • Battery life - 10 years. 
  • Communication range - 1,2 km. 
  • Encrypted protocol with 128 bit key. 
  • Synchronisation - less than 50 ms. 
  • Wireless configuration. 
  • Unique wireless system Ariadne’s thread for directional evacuation. 

Argus Spectrum wireless technology can be installed without disruption to the operation of the facility and in the shortest possible time.

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