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Streletz-PRO Premiers on the Global Stage

On the 20th-22nd of January Argus Spectrum participated in the Intersec Dubai Exhibition 2019, one of the world’s leading trade fairs dedicated to Fire, Security and Safety technology. The annual exhibition attracts a large number of companies presenting products and innovations from all over the world. This year Intersec hosted 1,212 companies from 54 countries with more than 36,000 registered visitors. Argus Spectrum presented its innovative wireless and wired fire detection and security system Streletz-PRO. The system incorporates technology with the ability to evacuate people with disabilities and firefighters from high rise towers and challenging building structures. 

Highlights of the system incorporate:  

  • personal security bracelets for positioning, monitoring and paging,
  • wireless directional evacuation,
  • self-healing mesh network, 
  • seamless product integration. 

Visitors received a comprehensive overview and demonstration of the system structure, capabilities and product features. We were pleased to present our unique directional evacuation system ‘Ariadnes Thread’ and demonstrate the seamless integration with the Streletz-PRO product family in particular with our positioning and notification bracelets. Streletz-PRO demonstrated the capability to integrate with various platforms including – RS-232, RS-485, Vega protocol and IP. 

“Our company’s participation at Intersec 2019 marked the appearance of Streletz-PRO on the global stage. The new and original wireless fire detection and security solutions aroused great interest and validated our unique and unmatched technology. Today we can confidently state that Streletz-PRO has arrived and will be present within the European and Middle East markets in the very near future’, said Mikhail Levchuk, Executive Manager Argus Spectrum. 

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