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Streletz-PRO Will be Presented at Intersec Dubai 2019

Between the 20th and the 22nd of January 2019 Argus Spectrum will take part in the world’s premier trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection - Intersec Dubai (UAE). The Intersec Dubai Exhibition takes place once a year in Dubai and shows a unique product offer in the areas of protection and security. It is a successful communication platform which attracts more than 32,000 visitors from all over the world. Argus Spectrum Ias being one of the world’s leading security and fire safety manufacturers has installed more than 150,000 wireless systems and sold 7,000,000 wireless devices all over the world so far. Expanding its presence in the global market of security and safety Argus Spectrum will present its flagship – Streletz-PRO at the Intersec Dubai exhibition 2019.

Streletz-PRO offers a comprehensive and a market leading range of seamlessly integrated wireless and wired fire detection, security, monitoring and notification systems for high-rise buildings and spatial distributed complexes. Personal security bracelets for positioning and paging, wireless directional evacuation 'Ariadnes Thread™’ and self-healing mesh network are the unique features of the system. 

Streletz-PRO personal wearable bracelets designed in the form of a smart watch are intended to carry out the set of tasks related to human security and safety. One of the main scopes of bracelet’s application is the evacuation support of people with disabilities. With the help of the sound, vibration and text Streletz-PRO bracelets inform people about an emergency situation and deliver detailed information about their location to the security post. 

'Ariadne’s Thread ™’ wireless directional evacuation is a part of the Streletz-PRO family of advanced wireless and analogue products and forms an integral part of the building fire detection system. The wireless optical smoke detectors incorporate 4 high intensity LED’s and a speaker. In the event of a fire alarm the system activates strobe lights as well as a voice and sound alarm and clearly indicates a path to the safest evacuation exit route. 

Self-healing wireless mesh technology in Streletz-PRO provides a simplified and faster design and commissioning process. Each device automatically chooses its parent expander. All expanders automatically form a network for delivering information to the main control panel. The system automatically decides which device connects to which expander and build a wireless network. Self-healing wireless mesh technology ensures a high level of reliability and durability. 

Streletz-PRO advanced specifications:

  • 10-year battery life; 
  • 3 seconds alarm activation delay; 
  • 1200 meters communication range between devices; 
  • 2 000 wireless devices in the system. 

We cordially invite you to visit our stand where you could take the opportunity to meet with the Argus Spectrum International management team and get overall information about the products. 

Date: January 20-22, 2019 
Venue: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre 
Hall 4, Stand A12 
For more information about Intersec Dubai 2019 please visit: https://intersec.ae.messefrankfurt.com/dubai/en.html  
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