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"Streletz-PRO" in a VIRTUAL classroom!

Argus Spectrum is very pleased to present its new and unique service for the fire detection world! Web Camera + IP connected kit of actual devices is a leading-edge virtual classroom for the programming of the “Streletz-PRO” wireless fire detection system! 

This service allows fire alarm engineers from all around the world to use one of the remote equipment kits to introduce themselves to the "Streletz-PRO" wireless alarm system. The user can control and monitor the equipment kit in the "Streletz-Master" software, while simultaneously observing each device through a live camera feed. The online practical training is simple and easy to use! You will need a desktop or laptop computer and internet access. Simply register at www.educ.argusspectrum.com learning platform or enter your log-in details.

The introduction video

Before the programming session you will need to learn the theory of "Streletz-PRO". We provide you with all the reference materials you need online: presentations, technical documentation, and videos. In the video tour of the remote equipment kit, we explain how you can use the "Streletz-Master" software to test the system, check the connection strength, read measurements from devices, and change their settings.

The video tour of the "Streletz-Master" software and the remote equipment kit

After learning the theory you will need to pass a simple admission test to confirm your basic understanding of the "Streletz-PRO" technology. When you pass it, you will be able to select the time and date of your session. A confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail address containing instructions on how to connect your computer to our remote desktop server. 

For your convenience, we have provided an online chat to contact our technical support during the programming session, which will help you to work with the equipment. After practicing work with the "Streletz-PRO" system, you can pass a final test and receive a certificate of completion! 

The online practical training is the perfect way to learn "Streletz-PRO". You can study from home or from any place in the world at any time! Learn how to get started today! 


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