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Wireless Fire Detection Chosen for Infectious-Disease Hospitals

On an unprecedented global scale COVID-19 is significantly impacting the way we live our lives. Today responsibilities are very much on us all to work together and mobilise in order to fight against this pandemic. Our front-line medical specialists are eagerly supported by teams of dedicated workers operating in the field of engineering, construction and many associated trades. Argus Spectrum is proud to be part of this crucial network to fast track the construction of new medical centers in the Russian Federation. 

New hospitals in Moscow

Today two new hospitals for infectious diseases are being built in Moscow. One is a large medical center and the other a new additional building (for 500 people) for patients with severe pneumonia. Streletz-Pro wireless fire detection and security is being installed to provide the highest levels of protection to life and property. 

March 5th 2020 the Russian Government confirmed the start of construction for a new contagious hospital in the Moscow region. March 12th preparation of the site began and by March 19th building work started. More than 11 thousand people are currently working on the project 24 hours a day. The 81,300 m2 facility is being constructed on a 40-hectare site. The hospital will have a capacity for 656 beds with the flexibility to re-organize sections into intensive care units. An exceptional completion date of 1 month was given to fully complete the project. 

‘We are constructing this building some 10 times faster than is normal’, commented Deputy Mayor of Moscow Andrei Bochkarev. 

The fire detection system 

More than 15,000 Streletz-Pro wireless fire detection devices are installed and commissioned in the new medical center and in a record time of 10 days. This is made possible due to the self-healing mesh of Streletz-PRO providing comprehensive building protection comprising: fire alarm and detection, evacuation, automatic signaling to fire brigades and full system monitoring. The advanced wireless technology is economical and is installed approx. 5 times faster than a traditional wired system and does not require time consuming on-site programming and commissioning. 

Day and Night Support 

Argus Spectrum is providing the system installers with 24-hour comprehensive technical support. This support is available by telephone and by our engineers visiting the site to provide direct technical assistance during the installation phase. For remote regions support is organised and provided through webinars. 

Despite the current ‘lock-down’ our partners are able to rely on our committed support and be assured that we are available online at all times, especially during the night. This is particularly important for our partners who are working through the many time zones in Russia. 

‘We have been isolated and working from home since the beginning of March. However we have been able to adjust our work practice so that the quality and quantity of our technical support does not suffer’. commented Stepan Pavlov, Head of Fire Monitoring Division. 

‘Our technical specialists are available at all times and always ready to help. The support of the critical hospital construction is our main concern today’, states Andrei Lebedev, Technical Support Division Director. 

Our medical specialists are the front line in the fight against COVID-19. Behind them are thousands of people working day and night in their support and in the construction of the Russian Federation’s new hospitals. Argus Spectrum is proud to be part of this outstanding team of people! 

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