Vnukovo air traffic control center, Moscow
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About the project

Air traffic control center

Project size

Building area – 30,000 m2.

System type

Hybrid wireless and wired

Project description

The construction of new Vnukovo air traffic control center in Moscow started in 2009 and its handover for commissioning was in 2014. It is a three-storeyed building. The center is the largest air traffic control center in Europe. It controls the flights from 14 civil and 21 military aerodromes.

Reasons for wireless use

The challenge was to provide a flexible system that can be installed in short time across the building, preventing disturbance to the occupants. Only wireless technology provides quick, easy and cost-effective installation (wireless communication between all the devices of the system). Wireless technology is now widely accepted as being as reliable and robust as traditional wired alternatives, yet offering much more in terms of flexibility, making Streletz-PRO an ideal choice.

Since the new system was planned beforehand, installation and handover went smoothly within the planned timescale.

Finally, there were installed more than 1,000 wireless smoke and heat detectors, 50 wireless translators, 50 wireless output modules and 60 wireless manual call points.