Vostok station, Antarctica
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Project description
Vostok Station is a Russian research station in inland Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica. Founded by the Soviet Union in 1957, the station lies at the southern Pole of Cold, with the lowest reliably measured natural temperature on Earth of −89.2 °C. The station consists of several buildings including a power station, meteorology building and the building where researchers sleep and take meals. The station typically contains 25 scientists and engineers in the summer. In winter, their number drops to 13.

Reasons for wireless use
Vostok is the coldest place on Earth. In addition to the extremely cold temperatures, other factors make Vostok one of the most difficult places on Earth for human habitation:
  • An almost complete lack of moisture in the air.
  • An average wind speed of 5 metres per second sometimes rising to as high as 27 metres per second.
  • The lack of oxygen in the air because of its high elevation at 3,488 metres.
  • A higher ionization of the air.
  • A polar night that lasts approximately 130 days.
Acclimatization to such conditions can take from a week to two months. That was the main reason why the customer needed a very short time of installation by means of only one person. A wired system was simply not an option. A wireless system was the obvious solution. At the same time, the system should also be very reliable because Vostok station is one of the most isolated established research stations on the Antarctic continent. It means that in case of problems with fire system the chance to fix them will not be very soon.
Wireless fire detection and security alarm system Streletz-PRO is very reliable and an ideal variant for facilities with a number of buildings spread over the site where cables just cannot be accommodated. The devices of Streletz-PRO demonstrated perfect performance at Vostok station operating in areas with high levels of radio communication and meteorology systems.
The whole installation and commissioning of the system on Vostok station were completed in just one week by only one person without disruption to the operation of the station.