Moscow Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases "Voronovskoye", Russian Federation

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Project size
15,000 Streletz-PRO wireless devices
81,3 thousand sq.m
Market sector
Medical facility
System type

Project description
March 5th 2020 the Russian Government confirmed the start of construction for a new contagious hospital in the Moscow region. March 12th preparation of the site began and by March 19th building work started. More than 11 thousand people were working on the project 24 hours a day. The 81,300 m2 facility was constructed on a 40-hectare site. The hospital has a capacity for 900 beds with the flexibility to re-organize sections into intensive care units. An exceptional completion date of 1 month was given to fully complete the project. 

Construction of a unique hospital in 1 month

ARGUS SPECTRUM INTERNATIONAL – proud to be a partner in the fight against COVID-19

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Why "Streletz-PRO"?

Fire Alarm System in Medical Facilities. Wired System VS Wireless System

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Reasons for wireless use

One of the main challenges of installing a fire alarm in a medical facility is to minimize installation time and reduce the number of visits to the building. How can wireless technologies make these goals a lot more achievable? 
  1. Design from the comfort of your house. You can design a wireless fire alarm from the comfort of your house, without having to visit the building. In order to calculate the layout of the devices you only need a computer and the floor plans. 
  2. Simple installation. A wireless system requires no electrical work, and the detectors are simply attached to the ceiling with 2 screws. Two workers with no special qualifications can install a wireless fire alarm in just one day. 
  3. Remote configuration and monitoring. A wireless fire alarm can be configured even from a home computer, as the software connects to the system via the Internet. You can also remotely monitor the state of each device and send engineers to the building only when it’s necessary.