Argus Spectrum - is one of the world’s leading manufacturers specialising in the design and production of innovative wireless fire detection and security systems

Company overview

About Argus Spectrum

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Argus Spectrum is one of the world’s leading manufacturers specialising in the development and production of innovative wireless and wired fire detection and security systems. The company was founded in the city of St. Petersburg in 1993 by two leading scientists working in the field of experimental radio physics and electronics, operating within the faculty of Peter the Great Polytechnic University. This St. Petersburg University is recognised as the leading centre for engineering and technology throughout Russia.

Research and Development

Our close collaboration with the universities of St Petersburg enables us to develop and apply state of the art technology within our product program. A dedicated department for radio-physical studies has been established in Peter the Great Polytechnic University by our General manager, Sergey Levchuk, and providing us a wealth of talented employees. A continuous program of research and development is led by a team of 50 highly qualified engineers delivering a comprehensive range of products to our global partners. Argus Spectrum has been recognized and presented with 2 prestigious awards from the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. We have also received many accolades for innovation and leading-edge technology products from the fire and security industry.


We operate strict quality management systems in accordance with ISO9001. We have been recognized by and awarded the Toyota Bronze Medal for our Production Management System.


Our products have a proven record of performance, quality, and reliability with more than 200,000 systems installed worldwide. Argus Spectrum products are protecting significant and high-profile installations including the world-famous Hermitage and the newly constructed Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg incorporating more than 20,000 wireless devices.

The company

Learn more about Argus Spectrum, a company that combines a rich heritage with the spirit of innovation. Here’s a quick overview of the history and development of our company, current facts and figures on our businesses.


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